Well hello there friends.

We’ve had serious issues with our Australian blog so I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for that cracker. But for now here’s a great photo to enjoy..


So we arrived in Fiji with every intention of waiting for our beloved missing lady Christianne Risman, it took all of one man talking about a cheaper option to make us change our minds and leave the lady stranded in Fiji. Sorry Chris.

Ecstatic with the knowledge we were saving money, we set off for the North Islands with no clue as to what they were or what we were doing. We are so spontaneous. After a swift 20 hour boat journey we arrived in Taveuni, to this..



it wasn’t quite Woking but we made do.

Being the adventurous, up-for-anything spontaneous soul sisters we are, off we skipped for yet another hike/stumble up an awfully steep hill.


DSC_5891Here’s some pictures of waterfalls…




One day we visited Honeymoon island, it took 3 minutes to walk around and had nothing but a few rocks on. Due to being such water-loving, swim-stroking, fish-fetishing girls we snorkeled around for a bit… the fish were great. Throughout the snorkeling session Grace held hands with  a Fijian man who didn’t think she could swim her flipper technique was so bad.


Every night we had Kava, a traditional Fijian drink made of a peppermint plant that makes you hallucinate and tastes like dirty water. Sheryl got strangely addicted. 

After Taveuni we hop, skipped and jumped/got a boat to Manqai, a small island inhabited by the most welcoming Fijian tribe.

We fell head-over-heels for ‘Big Tony’ a human teddy bear (genuinely getting butterflies writing about him)
here he is..

Oh I miss him!

Because we are such culture-absorbing, salsa dancing, awe-inspiring women we went to visit a small local village. The children quite literally clung to us and we were hot favourites with the toothless local we were told to be careful of. It was a great time!



Some classic decoration/recycling

Some classic decoration/recycling

A Fijian village hospital

A Fijian village hospital

mama shez

mama shez


Manqai was pretty incredible, with music all day every day and entertainment all night long. We intend to go back and live there in the future. 

Next up was our holiday on holiday… Mana Island where we did nothing but sunbathe and play with baby goats and puppies!


The head of the resort (not sure I can call it that) was called Boris.. one day we asked what time the boat would come to get us to which he responded ‘f***ing good on you!’ Another day he performed a song to oh when the saints, it went like this:

Oh when the beer, will make you queer
Oh when the whisky, will make you frisky
Oh when the rum… you can guess

And on that note,

Lots of love Grace and Sheryl xxxxxx