New Zealand: Leila Lo goes solo!

After an absolutely incredible 7 weeks in South East Asia, the backpacking bananas have (temporarily) split! While Grace and Sheryl have ventured to the beautiful East Coast of Oz, I decided to explore the equally beautiful New Zealand!

Being welcomed into the country by 2 sniffer dogs jumping up my legs wasn’t exactly the start I was expecting but it wasn’t long before I was in the heart of delightful Auckland city. After a brief plod around and quick visit to the (very intimidating) US embassy to be granted my working visa (yay!) I hopped on the Kiwi Experience bus, which I can already say is the bloody best bus I ever jumped on!

First stop was the Bay of Islands and considering it was my first day I wasn’t expecting much to happen, I ended up swimming with dolphins in the wild!! Not bad for the first day… Sadly I forgot GoPro though maahhhh

Fullscreen capture 20042013 173329.bmp

Fullscreen capture 20042013 174040.bmp


After a night out ending up in the freezing sea (of course), it was a quick stop back to Auckland for another bizarre but great night out with my new bearded friends…


Of course it’s becoming routine to be extremely hungover on the bus and we hopped on early the next morning to go to Hot Water Beach! After a stroll to beautiful Cathedral Cove, we had to wait until 10pm for the tide to go out to build our hot water pools on the beach. But the tide hardly went out at all and so our hot water beach experience was basically standing in the sand until your feet sank, then jumping out in a massive shock when your feet started to burn in 65degrees…


Doing my starfish impression in Cathedral Cove


Massive fail trying to dig a natural jacuzzi

Next stop was Waitomo, home to all the caves, glow worms and black water rafting . I chose to do the Black Abyss caving adventure (which Katy Perry has done-yay!) and it was absolutely positively insane. 5 hours of abseiling into caves, ziplining and floating through caves and scaling up waterfalls out of caves (followed by tomato soup and a toasted bagel), it really was one of the best days I have ever had. The outfit was also a great addition.


You were only allowed a red hat if your name was Alice


Down I gooooo


Juuust chilling in a cave


Nice outfit Christianne

So it’s been a pretty busy couple of days but bloody amazing and it’s all far too much fun and I can’t wait for the next stop! Waahhhhh!

Love of love

Christianne xxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS video will be up in next blog!