Krabi ain’t so shabby

Every year Thailand celebrates the Songkran Festival with a massive water fight! No matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you leave the safety of your room you WILL be soaked.

Initially, we had planned to arrive in Krabi one day before in order to prepare ourselves. However, somehow all 3 of us managed to get the date wrong. Very annoying considering we could have stayed longer in Koh Lanta (which by the way was very lovely, not much happened)

In the days leading up to the festival, we took two trips over to Railey Beach, being completely soaked in one journey and having a man declare his love for Christianne throughout the duration of another. On the 2nd day Sheryl  decided to head off early and explore. This resulted in her scaling a massive rock (in flip flops) and finding a beautiful lagoon situated in the middle of very high mountain walls. Grace and Christianne later found her strolling along the beach covered in dirt…


Sheryl in her lagoon


A Krabi crab chillin’ in Grace’s giant hands

The night before the festival, we purchased some high-tech water blasting equipment.

Fullscreen capture 16042013 161610.bmp#Fullscreen capture 16042013 161503.bmp

The morning of the Songkran festival, hungry as ever, we headed out to get some food. Luckily we took our weapons as precaution as, due to being white people, we were targeted and were drenched head to toe about 7 seconds after stepping outside.

After re-fueling with some very un-thai thai food  (7eleven toasties), we joined in the festivities and went to war/got significantly defeated by children half our size.

Fullscreen capture 16042013 160153.bmp Fullscreen capture 16042013 160310.bmp

The morning after, it was time to leave… a mere 30 hours and 3 bus journeys later (in between which we spent over 4 hours in a cake shop and arrived in Kuala Lumpa at 4am with no clue as to our whereabouts) we arrived in Singapore!

And that’s where we are now…

Lots of love Sheryl, Grace and Christianne


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